Rashi Gajula

Rashi Gajula

Vice-chairperson Of The Board

Rashi Gajula is an established leader with 22 years of upstream Oil and Gas IT experience and a proven track record of enabling business through technology. She leads Automation & Digital at Pioneer Natural Resources. As a senior leader, she plays a critical role in partnering with executives for aligning technical roadmaps to strategic business goals and delivering solutions which increase operational and capital efficiency. Rashi has also led several cross functional teams successfully in different organizational units to innovate rapidly with an extreme focus on change management and adaptability. She has a reputation in the firm for agile delivery of projects and products which have compelling value proposition and clear alignment with company strategy.

As Vice Chair for Blockchain For Energy, she spearheads the oil and gas industry’s digital transformation by leveraging blockchain & related technologies through development of use-cases that catapult the collective journey of member companies into the new-era of sustainable energy development

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