Commodity Transport

Commodity Transport Solution (Water Haulage)


In collaboration with Pioneer Natural Resources we have developed the use of IoT sensors and blockchain technology to provide secure data in the Commodity Transport (Water Haulage) supply chain. This solution creates a single source of truth between trucking companies and operators with no single point of failure.

Water Haul Infographic.jpg
  • Blockchain for Energy membership provides an operator to oilfield vendor “sandbox” that enables all members to test:

  • Automated validation of IOT sensor data

  • Smart contract-based business rules

  • Change management deployment tools

  • Integration of ERP systems

Blockchain For Energy continues to develop innovative solution offerings in collaboration with our valued members. In this section we look at those offerrings and the results that they generate. If you would like to learn more about our solutions or how your business can get involved please click here.