Formerly known as the OOC Blockchain Consortium, Blockchain For Energy is building a network of business partners to create industry solution frameworks and guidelines leveraging blockchain technology to maximize opportunities to reduce costs, improve timelines and eliminate disputes in any given process.


Through industry collaboration and execution of several multi-function use cases across the oil and gas value chain, we are exploring the potential of this transformative technology. Our Technical Committees are driving industry alignment and harmonizing blockchain-related guidelines. These exploration efforts will also encompass other technologies that could supplement or complement blockchain, to enhance our overall solutions. Through these learnings, we are positioning ourselves and our members to drive optimal blockchain solutions at scale for the industry.



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While blockchain technology has its origins in cryptocurrency, recent years have seen a rapid growth in interest from multiple industries. As part of the digital revolution, blockchain technology is a catalyst for re-imagining the way we do business.  In the energy industry dozens of problems-to-solve are beginning to be identified that could take advantage of blockchain technology. Blockchain for Energy represents a collaborative effort to explore this technology’s potential and leverage learnings to drive industry adoption.

We are focused solely on energy industry solutions, we are agnostic and open to all vendors and platforms. We believe technology is still evolving therefore we build the future together for us by us. 



If your use case meets one or more of the following five key elements,
blockchain may be a solution for you:

Shared data  |  More than one participant  |  Transaction dependency
Absence of trust  |  Opportunity for disintermediation


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